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I didn’t want to glug up y’all’s inboxes (what email? sign up box at end of post), so here’s some more info on the 3 drawings I sent:

As a bone fide scaredy-cat, when Lovecraft Country was first being promoted on HBO, I braced myself. I don’t do horror. Mainly because it never felt relevant. IDK.

Adapted as a TV series by Misha Green and produced by Jordan Peele, director of Get Out – the proposed show was apparently was pushed straight through to series. Now, at the end of this first trip/series, it’s abundantly apparent why.


Also, daaaaamn HBO! Featuring the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre in not one, but TWO major series (*Watchmen)! Scaring some vital information into a captive audience! If I think back to my first introductions to this state, it was around that historic tragedy – but then bringing it up with Oklahomans themselves? Half the time folks had no idea what I was talking about! Imagine, leaving something of that scale out of school curriculums, because it made some of the (still celebrated) founding families of Tulsa look too genocidal?

Fledgling (link contains spoilers) is a book I’m glad I kept reading through the initial chapters…when I say cringe-waves were ridden, I mean like, there was some initial interactions early in the story that skirted taboo-territory.

The main character, Shori, comes to in a compromised bodily state – with a bout of amnesia that at first feels like a convenient exposition-tool, but later takes on much more significance.

I got all the Butler specialties that I read her work for:

  • mixing contexts (in this case to review our understanding of kinship, intimacy, and consent);
  • Black protagonists facing challenges that indirectly reflect real-world obstacles;
  • and, easing me into established genres I wouldn’t normally read (for lack of diversity and/or imagination)

I’ve been pretty SLOW at editing the videos for Acre Kitchen these past few weeks and as a result I now know how to butcher an 18 lb pork belly, and turn it into Italian Meatballs and Char Siu. Thanks, Stella!

ACRE is a residency and gallery space in Chicago, that provides alumni-residents with an exhibition in the year following their residency. The summer residencies are out in rural Wisconsin and feature some of the best food I’ve had the pleasure of stuffing my face with. Last year I had the chance to volunteer in the kitchen there and 10/10 would recommend – it’s a great way to connect with fellow artists and get to see how a residency functions, from the inside out.

This year they’re taking the virtual fundraiser, Hearth, virtual from Oct 15 – 29.

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