Back on some kind of horse

Started doing exercises from Lynda Barry’s books (and I’ll get to that in another post <3 ) – which listed Ivan Brunetti. This comic is from his syllabus in Cartooning: philosophy and practice.

And I’ve been following a weird thread of obsession with Germany – more especially Berlin’s history as a city.

Which has led to trying on German as a language. Since both Afrikaans and English are Germanic languages I figure it could be interesting to test out.

The 3 panels were from Day 2 of the Brunetti syllabus. Make a 3-panel, black and white strip, don’t think too hard, but pay attention to line and composition. Cool. I switch off my brain by doodling and writing out phrases that randomly come to mind while drawing. As soon as I started to relax I farted out some rudimentary German and crude figures and something like this strip came out.

And since I’m writing down German YouTube video transcripts (captions) I’ve just been reusing vocab./phrases I’ve memorized or learnt most recently. (*I use the channel Easy German, as well as their app, Seedlang.)

If my assumptions are correct (but feel free to jump in with corrections if you can!) the panels read as follows:

Witch: I hate your friends.

Fieriii: Why should society be so divided?

Witch: I need to think hard.

Ja, and besides that I’m editing videos for some friends. That’s it. Done.

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