Go home, 2020.

I called into my server job at a local restaurant about 10 days ago.

The first week, was really just a blur of existential dread and worry about co-workers and not sleeping much.

This week, starting on Tuesday, I sat down and started drawing. I was listening to a podcast about comic artists, so I made a comic. And another the next day. Then another.

Since I have no idea how these work, I figured a nice small, 3 panel comic would be best. And to script it, maybe the most restrictive format of writing I could think of: the haiku.

A haiku is 3 lines of 17 syllables in total. First line is 5 , then 7 in the next, with another 5 at the end. It matched up to the 3 panel idea so, that made it easier for me.

Before each days comic got drawn, I made as practice, or warm up drawings.

I guess I’m going to update this blog as a progress archive of sorts. At least until the rona is sorted.

Common Field 2020

Excited that I’ll get to present with Living Arts (Jessica Borusky, Julianne Clark) and Suzanne Thomas, at this years Common Field Conference in Houston, TX.

We’re proud to present ART EDUCATION IN THE RED: STRATEGIES FOR CULTURAL EDUCATION AND RESILIENCE IN UNDERFUNDED COMMUNITIES at this year’s @common_field Convening in Houston, TX. Join us APRIL 24 at 2:30 – 4PM.

For more info, visit: