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Week 10

This blog post brought to you by Trying To Stay Consistent But You Haven’t Made Anything You Liked All Week! I read quite a few comics this week, so I figured I’d write a review for the 3 I finished: Coyote Doggirl (Lisa Hanawalt), Inappropriate (Gabrielle Bell), and Kabul Disco: How I managed not to […]

Week 9

Well, that’s the end of the Service Industry Haiku series for now – I hit 30 completed comics on Friday. So I’ve been thinking about why I struggle to finish projects, and this last series was something of an observational test. I noticed that the main culprit is a focus on quality, instead of quantity. […]

Week 8

Thought I’d get all 6 remaining comics up and out this week, but, nah. That video is also, just, nah right now. So, now I’m wondering if I just keep going and publish this first 30 as a first volume? Since the printer I contacted for a quote hasn’t gotten back to me yet, I’m […]


Closing in on the end of this series (30 units) next week. And with the end of this series, I’m working on a short explainer-video of what the process was like – learnt quite a bit from making these. Next, I’ve graduated to a new format: LIMERICKS ABOUT OKLAHOMA! Realized this old project, (that perhaps […]

Week 6

Got 5 done this week. Also feeling (after 5 weeks at this) that a cleaner aesthetic/style is developing? Had fun writing these out on Monday, and knocking them out (slowly) each day. At this point I have the beginnings of an idea for a serial webcomic, but going to use the rest of this project […]

Week 5

Made 4 #serviceindustryhaiku comics This weekends playtime comic production is underway. I finished the 12 page thumbnails stage today, and tomorrow or Sunday I’m planning to colour it traditionally. Tested out some loose pencil and watercolours and I think that’s how I’ll colour them. Then scan in the work for hand-lettering. I’ll post the finished […]