Fear Eats The Soul

Forgot how much I enjoyed very, very, slowly making my way through a film like a book.

Thinking of repeating this next weekend. With another German film, because, y’know, two birds and one stone and why not stack all the things I’m interested in, as if it’s a sundae. It’s Sunday after all.

Right now, with my limited understanding of the language and it’s nuances, the film is uh… surprizing, but also not at all surprizing.

Not sure what I was expecting, but roughly a third in, it’s been captivating, fast paced, and unexpected in parts.

Also, at this slower pace, I really appreciate all Fassbinder’s little interior design signals – lots of wavey seas, and crashing waves in paintings. And one especially eye-catching image hung over the opening scene bar (a lusty satyr and reluctantly naked nymph in a forest).

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