Go home, 2020.

I called into my server job at a local restaurant about 10 days ago.

The first week, was really just a blur of existential dread and worry about co-workers and not sleeping much.

This week, starting on Tuesday, I sat down and started drawing. I was listening to a podcast about comic artists, so I made a comic. And another the next day. Then another.

Since I have no idea how these work, I figured a nice small, 3 panel comic would be best. And to script it, maybe the most restrictive format of writing I could think of: the haiku.

A haiku is 3 lines of 17 syllables in total. First line is 5 , then 7 in the next, with another 5 at the end. It matched up to the 3 panel idea so, that made it easier for me.

Before each days comic got drawn, I made as practice, or warm up drawings.

I guess I’m going to update this blog as a progress archive of sorts. At least until the rona is sorted.

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