KBT Progress

Finished NaNoWriMo, but it doesn’t feel as satisfying as imagined to get to 50k words.

More satisfying was seeing the tracking of progress every morning as the notebook got fuller and fuller.

Also, surprized at how satisfying it is to read things that had been crossed out. I’m retroactively grateful that there’s no delete button when handwriting.

Writing fermentation stage currently under way: It’s in a drawer for the month. I didn’t manage to transcribe all the handwritten pages into a typed collection of notes, so I’m leaving that for January when I start up on thumbnails from the notes.

Going to continue the 15min sprints in my morning writing. Have a new writing project I’ve started on and am excited about – more about that next week.

Right now, most of my working day is going into a very special month of my email newsletter, 3 Drawings Walk Into An Email (sign up in the form below if you’re curious).

Normally I send out 3 illustrations about the media I consumed that week, but in December I figured I may as well do a big farewell to a stand alone year.

2020 is about to give up the ghost. Celebrate with the same weekly email in a temporary new holiday format!

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