Kombuis Taal 2.0

I’ve been thinking about what to work on for my next comic for a while. I tend to make something and put it out without much revision or polish, usually. So, for the rest of the year (and part of 2021), I’ll be rewriting and redrawing what I’d started with Kombuis Taal.

When I started that tile piece, I’d gone through so much fascinating research-content, that I figured the best way to structure it was to make the initial floor monument something like a “trailer” or a “book cover” for the larger project.

One comic that really got that idea going was A Castle In England. It’s a collab between writer Jamie Rhodes and the UK’s National Trust, using 5 short stories (and 5 distinctly wonder-inducing comic artists: Isaac Lenkiewicz, Briony May Smith, William Exley, Becky Palmer and Isabel Greenberg) to tell the the history of Scotney Castle in Kent, UK. I was really taken by the model – it’s just incredibly executed!

This year, I’ve found that bundling together two habits (such as, being more consistant with posts; or finishing KbT) works well. So, I’ll attempt to post weekly about progress on reworking the script, showing in progress thumbnails and sketches, as well as any interesting research tidbits.

Scattered throughout this post are some of the initial sketches I made for KbT – specifically for the first story about initial contact between the Dutch East India Company, and the Goringhaicona (specifically a young girl named Krotoa).

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