Quarantine Week 3

Didn’t manage to make a comic Monday – felt anxiety about who might see it and what they’d think.

Tuesday, March 31

Was listening to a podcast called Make It and Tell Everybody and the cartoonist interviewed (Dustin Harbin) dropped a gem. The gist of which I took to mean: if you’re focused on mark-making (you’re focused on the aesthetics) because you’re worried about the audience reception, instead of the ultimate goal of just finishing the work at hand.

Wednesday, April 1

Another breakthrough was to write a weeks worth of haiku-scripts all at once. That was Tuesday night.

Thursday, April 2
Friday, April 3

In terms of practice drawings I got a few reps in this week. Mostly figures and turning abstract shapes into fantastical characters.

Also managed to make a few face masks for friends and family (when they need to venture out of quarantine for groceries). Just waiting on extra elastic to arrive before I finish the next batch.

I hope to be back next Friday to post a weeks-worth of #serviceindustryhaiku comics, and practice drawings. Now that I feel as if I’ve gotten at least some handle on this process.

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