Been editing videos for some friends…

…so not a lot of new drawings this week. But I did have a weird realization about my practice (among the angst around how the US Dem-ticket feels like a repeat of 2016 – y’all aren’t giving the left the candidate they want, again – let’s just hope it doesn’t end as badly as last time):

I used to take photos of schoolmates’ parties when I was in high school. They’d pour over the albums when I brought them in, and order their favourite photos. I’d make enough money to keep buying rolls of film and printing out photos to sell. Needless to say that was before social media.

This teenage-entrepreneurial-failure got me thinking about why selling a reproduction of an image feels much more appealing to me than selling the original.

Also, whether I’ve always ran my hobbies at a loss? When does a hobby become a practice? And is part of the practice figuring out how to monetize said practice? IDK RN.

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