Week 10

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I read quite a few comics this week, so I figured I’d write a review for the 3 I finished: Coyote Doggirl (Lisa Hanawalt), Inappropriate (Gabrielle Bell), and Kabul Disco: How I managed not to be abducted in Afghanistan (Nicolas Wild).

My library now has a curbside pick up option, so I went through the Oklahoma Public Library catalog and made a list. I tried to restrict my final selection for pick up to 10 comics. All that to say: these were the top 10 from that much larger TBR (to be read) list.

I almost didn’t select Coyote Doggirl this first round because I know she’s funny, so I was going to follow FOMO and pick some other titles I was unfamiliar with. Glad I didn’t because this was a really entertaining read when I finally settled into it.

I know I’m a sucker for any kind of subversion or just general deception. Using such a very fun, uncluttered style worked in tandem with the individual jokes but also when darker tones revealed themselves it was still unexpected.

The rhythm and relationship of the panels to the page to the over all story finally hit me – is that pacing? Beats? Anyway the possibilities of the medium of a double spread finally sunk in.

Gabrielle Bell’s Inappropriate, was a pretty beguiling. I tend to like stories like those in this collection – devastation but make it cartoons. Personal favorites were Nocturnal Guests, 1-800-CATS and Little Red & Big Bad. Coincidentally, I’d just learned about Krazy Kat and author George Herriman and it just did something symbiotic with 1-800-CATS. I just found all of her animal and insect related voices very relatable – dogs, cats, spiders, bedbugs…

Nicolas Wild’s Kabul Disco was not necessarily my cup of tea in terms of drawing style, but I learnt a couple of pacing tricks from reading this one – also, holy hell, the complicated history of Afghanistan was explained in a way I could actually absorb. There are a couple of joke structures also that I really enjoyed – the Constitution dream sequence especially.

That’s it – I’ll try to get more reviews up in the next few weeks.

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