Week 8

Thought I’d get all 6 remaining comics up and out this week, but, nah. That video is also, just, nah right now.

So, now I’m wondering if I just keep going and publish this first 30 as a first volume?

Since the printer I contacted for a quote hasn’t gotten back to me yet, I’m looking into how feasible it’d be to just silkscreen print these at home on my own.

Alternatively, I could do the cover that way and instead use my fancy-printer to make quality prints for the pages? Dunno yet.

Had the idea to do a weekly post (again, most of this is on Instagram) of book covers I redesign. A cover of a cover. Would start off with the cover for the first volume of these comics (once I have a few produced and available to buy on my site). After that I’m really into this book on Genghis Khan that I think deserves it’s cover re-imagined. It’s a seriously good read.

In other news, I started the first of the OIC Limerick series – it’s a muuuuuuch more modest first week than planned lol. Instead of the very lofty 3 pages a week, I’ve managed only 1. I do however have the script for the second one, not sure if I want to push for more than 1 a week right now. But I might do. Dunno.

Learnt a lot making just this one page – glad I got it done, but I’m far from happy with it. Going to change the final panel format a bit (comic title and OIC logo).

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