Writing Progress

Started on a new draft in new notebook. Keeping this progress report (lol) is helping with noticing some aspects of the process:

1) The smaller the window between asleep and writing, the better the images

  • Occasionally I’ll still have dissolving threads of dreams in my head when I start dragging the pen across the page;
  • Those feel lucky, because that’s when the most compelling images get written out;
  • These images feel like reading someone else’s memories or thoughts, and distinctly unlike what I could come up with;
  • The best alarm sound for these is What’s New Pussy Cat blaring loudly from anywhere, but my bedroom – otherwise I’ll just turn it off and go back to sleep;

2) The quality:quantity ratio is pretty low

  • 5/7 pages are just me complaining that I’m probably doing something wrong and planning schemes to fix it.
  • 2/7 pages do that thing, where you’re in two separate places at once, like where you drift off to during a warm (and stationary) shower; or having no recollection of autopilot-ing home, because daydreams make cars porous enough to osmosis out of.
  • I’ve experienced this kind of dual-attention most while listening to audio while embroidering or knitting. Routine or repetitive tasks or habits.
  • The habit is writing without stopping (even to just write out the alphabet until I can start again – Lynda Barry trick!)
  • On average my ROI performing the habit is just under 30% of salvageable material.

3) Slowly faster

  • I’m slowly getting faster, because I know what to expect now;
  • My writing hand is getting stronger, or more relaxed during writing;
  • It’s overall becoming a more enjoyable experience trapping my thoughts in a tangible form for later review;

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